RDO – more play less work

While there is a lot to be said for the knowledge gained from a step by step manual installation of openstack, it’s not a journey for the faint of heart.
Bugs, outdated guides and errors have been par for course; inordinate time can be lost in futile pursuits with little long term gain other than preservation of the IT ego.
Enter RDO – a puppet based automated installation that reduces the time required for installing openstack, from best part of a day to ~ 15 minutes.
Despite for many years now preferring Debian based systems, I felt quite at ease with the simplicity of the RDO installation on Red Hat 6.4.

  • ThomasChacko

    RDO with fresh CentOS v6.4 and Fedora v18 works fine with nova-network. Be ready to dive into the deep end and hack/patch scripts if you are attempting install on Fedora 19 or CentOs v6.4 AND with Quantum/Neutron setup enabled. Spend last 2 weeks attempting all configuration with Neutron networking- on bare metals and VMs and still not been able to get Neutron (alias Quantum) working as it should be. Not tried with RHEL 6.x however.
    RDO works out of the box following the documented quick start guide with those OS reported above. Admire many of those early success stories out there online and those who are trying to make others life easy with their experience/knowledge gained thus far on this. However for the faint of heart and not much patience ( which I am slowly turning to be ;, will advise to wait out until all these bugs are tracked/fixed, a working documentation guide with examples and a resilient/intelligent RDO puppet script emerges.